CORE addin for Microsoft Excel makes your life easier by providing functionalities that otherwise you should implement by yourself writing a lot of less efficient VBA macros

  • Enabling to easily build PowerPoint presentations based on Excel reports
  • Automating and enriching e-mails for your customers starting from a simple worksheet table
  • Taking charge of the repetitive tasks like Splitting or Merging workbooks and worksheets



CORE - Split

When working with business (or similar) processes, it's quite common to spend time by handling huge Excel workbooks, filtering them, copying into other workbooks, sharing them through SharePoint, shared directories or even by email.

The Split App of the CORE Suite enables you to

  • Split your tables into multiple sheets or workbooks
  • Split your worksheet/workbook into multiple sheets or workbooks


CORE - Merge

Just like Split, it's quite common to spend time by handling a variety of Excel workbooks importing their data into a main worksheet/workbook after

The Merge App of the CORE Suite enables you to

  • Merge tables coming from multiple workbooks into a single table
  • Merge tables coming from a subset of workbooks defined by wildcards

Mail Merge

CORE - Mail Merge

With the Mail Merge App builtin with CORE you can reach your customers with customized and tailor-made communications

  • Send multiple emails with customized fields and images and or tables
  • Add multiple attachments of any kind
  • Add table previews inside the mail body, scaled in case of need
  • Personalize the mail body and the subject
  • Use plain text or rtf/html emails
  • Automatically validate your recipients (available if Exchane is in use)

Report Maker

CORE - Report Maker

With the Report Maker App bundled with CORE you can automate the creation of Reports as Powerpoint presentations focusing on the quality of the data.

  • Build customized presentations using tables and charts from your workbooks
  • Define named ranges inside your workbook and insert their names inside your Powerpoint template
  • Define a named range as a driver to replicate customized presentation starting from the same template
  • Scale the content inside each slide with custom value
  • Make CORE work for you by doing the most annoying and time-consuming part of your job


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